About Us

At Tend to Travel, we want you to see a different version of Costa Rica than the average tourist. We want you to see the real Costa Rica. We want you to see the Costa Rica that we have fallen in love with.



We are Valerie and Maricruz.

We are two entrepreneurs who couldn’t be more different. We come from different professional backgrounds and have different tastes and interests. We are two different women, who share one very important passion: Our love of exploring new places. 

A long time ago, Maricruz infected me with her passion for travel. Since then, we have transformed this passion into a dedication to helping people like you find the most spectacular places in Costa Rica and accompanying you on the way. 

Tend to Travel was born from our desire to have a way to show you our favorite places in Costa Rica and give you a real, safe, and unique experience. The adventures we’ll take you on are different than any other you’ll find in this beautiful country. 

We want to share everything with you, from the natural beauty and scenery our country has to offer to the secret recipes and stories that our grandparents told us growing up. 

We believe in

Respect and empathy

Towards human beings and the environment alike

Learning and personal growth

We want to live these experiences with people of all ages, adapting to your interests and preferences. We are an inclusive company that listens to what you need.

Safe and high quality service

Create close friendships with our companions in the tourism industry who are also committed to giving a safe and high quality service. 

Sustainable practices

Educate our clients on sustainable practices so they can best enjoy our experiences.


We are dedicated to adjusting to the changes and special requirements necessary to ensure a fantastic trip for each client.

Transparent and effective communication

Before, during, and after your trip, to ensure a positive experience at each step of the way.


Valerie Romero

Hi! I’m Valerie. I am sister number three of five sisters and the mother of four adult children. I became a mom at 16 years, which turned me into a hard worker, an entrepreneur, and a fighter. Today, I am proud to say my children are all independent professionals. 

My professional experience has been in sales in the automotive industry, which has given me a passion for everything related to customer service and giving above and beyond client expectations. 

As I’ve seen my daughter Maricruz grow passionate about tourism over the years, I’ve always wanted to do my bit to make sure travelers to my country are unique and memorable. 

As I explore the country, I like to wake up early, make breakfast, sunbathe, and take in every drop of nature. 

I hope my story helps you get to know me a little better and I hope to see you soon in Costa Rica! 

Maricruz Acosta

And I am Maricruz and I arrived here without knowing much about a lot and a little about everything. All I know is that I love planning and organizing things, helping, and getting to know exceptional people like you. 

I studied Business Administration with focus on the hotel industry. From the very first moment, I learned that in order to connect and create long lasting relationships, you must put yourself in the shoes of the people working in each area of tourism. 

I know about the hotel industry, transportation, travel agency, and even call centers, all to help me develop empathy, charisma, and patience for each and every person in the service chain. I’m pleased to call many of them my good friends. 

I believe in the beauty of this country, in the quality of the Costa Rican people, and in my ability to help your trip be more than just a trip, but rather an experience that will stick with you for the rest of your life. 

Now that you know us a little better, let us help you plan your trip